Drawing Lessons

Want to learn how to draw from real life? Can’t draw more than a stick figure? Learn how to see and apply that skill to paper with individual drawing lessons from an artist.

With basics you will learn about different pencils and paper and how they work together. We will start with basic objects in graphite pencil, but with advancement we can move onto portraiture or technical drawing.

1-2 hour sessions at $25/hr. No more than 1-2 sessions a week is recommended to prevent fatigue, although practice in between sessions is highly encouraged.

My place or yours! I’m located in north Austin if you’d like to come to my home. I charge an additional $10 per session to travel to your home, or meet at a coffee shop or cafe.


  • A sketch or drawing pad that’s of a comfortable size. I use an 11×14″ sketch pad.
  • Drawing pencil set. I like Derwent brand Graphic Medium set of 12. But any small set with around 12 included pencils is good. (I highly discourage General’s brand. They are poor quality and tend to be frustrating for students to use.)
  • White vinyl eraser, kneaded eraser, a good pencil sharpener.
  • See specific suggested drawing materials here.
  • I will provide props to draw for each lesson, and some other basic materials to practice with.

Ages 12 and up only, please. Payment due at the end of the lesson. Cash, credit, and PayPal accepted.

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